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The TSAC Report is the NSCA’s quarterly, online-only publication designed for the training of tactical athletes, operators, and facilitators. You must be a member of the NSCA to access the TSAC Report.


This Issue

  • APRIL 2015  |  Issue 37

Issue 37 of the TSAC Report features a method for assessing power output in firefighters using tire flips, a TSAC research review, ruck-based selection training, part 2 of the importance of proper movement for Marines, reintegration considerations, preparing for the Army Physical Fitness Test, performance nutrition after an injury, priority training system for first responders, and resistance training to improve pistol shooting performance.

Featured Articles

  • 37.04 | Tire Flipping—A Method of Assessing Functional Power Output for Firefighters by David Cornell, MS, CSCS, Kyle Ebersole, PhD, LAT, and Jason Mims
  • 37.08 | TSAC Research Review by Rod Pope, PhD
  • 37.20 | The Importance of Proper Movement for Marines—Part 2: The Solution by Matt Zummo, MS, USAW-1
  • 37.26 | Tactical Programming Considerations—Preparing for the Army Physical Fitness Test by Mark Walker, MAED, CSCS
  • 37.30 | Performance Nutrition Following an Injury—From Personal Experience by Trisha Stavinoha, MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS

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