• RSCC Renewal Course 2013
    The RSCC Renewal Course is designed for NSCA Registered Strength and Conditioning Coaches to renew their RSCC designation.
  • Course Instructions
    This is the RSCC Renewal Course. You must purchase this course and then return to this page to begin the course. AFTER PURCHASE, YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL WITH A LINK THAT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE QUIZ. YOU MAY ALSO RETURN TO THIS PAGE TO BEGIN YOUR QUIZ. 

    You must provide the $25 processing fee and earn a score of 70% or above (by answering 18 out of the 25 questions correctly) to pass this course. On December 10, 2013, the price of the course increases to $40 
    A score below the passing grade will require that the course is purchased again. All quiz questions, and subsequent answers, are based on the information provided in the respective PowerPoint slides and videos. 
    If passed, this course is worth 0.5 CEU in Category D. Upon completion of the quiz, your quiz results will display immediately. An e-mail will also be sent to you with the results for your records. 

    RSCC slides_Gearity  Video 1: The Art of Coaching and its Effect on Performance: Becoming a Better Coach
    Dr. Brian Gearity, PhD, CSCS, ATC, discusses how to become a better coach by using Foucault’s Theory.

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    RSCC slides_Schilling  Video 2: Research as a Strength and Conditioning Tool: How to Interpret Published Research For The Benefit of Your Athletes
    Dr. Brian Schilling, PhD, CSCS, discusses how strength and conditioning coaches must be “research consumers” and how they must be able to discern quality research from misleading research and how this can benefit their athletes.

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    RSCC slides_Wainwright  Video 3: Don’t Lose it All Before Game Day!
    Coach Reed Wainwright, CSCS, speaks at the NSCA's 2013 Coaches Conference about developing and adhering to standards in the strength and conditioning profession.

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    RSCC slides_Watts  Video 4: The Strength and Conditioning Internship: A Guide for Creating and Finding a Great Program
    Coach Watts, MS, CSCS, RSCC, discusses the importance of, and how to, establish an intern program.

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    RSCC slides_Wenning  Video 5: Conjugate Periodization
    Coach and powerlifter Matt Wenning, MS, discusses conjugate periodization and its use in programming for athletes.

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